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plant drawing commission

£20.00 / Sold Out

Personalised custom plant drawings!

Send me a picture via my instagram of a plant/few plants that you want me to draw and I will draw it in a similar sketchy style to the pieces pictured here! Please make sure all pictures are taken in daylight so the plant is seen visibly.

The larger the size the more detail I can fit in, if you're wanting multiple plants it's probably better to select the A4 or A3 option. Both drawings pictured are A3 in size to give you an idea. A5 would work well for singular plants.

When you send over your pictures I will give you an estimated time frame for your drawing to be ready. Once it's done I'll send you a picture of the drawing to make sure you're happy with it and then I will send you the original drawing in the post.

Any questions please feel free to message me!